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Effective Laparoscopic Surgery In Bangalore

Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure to diagnose any disorder in the abdomen. An instrument called laparoscope, with a high resolution camera at its edge, to view the internal organs inside the abdomen, is made use to conduct the diagnostic procedure.

This minimal invasive technique is used to diagnose the abdominal disorders when the non-invasive techniques are found to be failed to solve the issue.

Advantages Of Laparoscopy:

The traditional way of conducting diagnostic operations for abdominal disorders were open surgical procedures, which was an insecure and unsafe one. A high postoperative discomfort is suffered after the performance of this procedure. But the minimal invasive laparoscopy is enclosed with the benefits like;
  • Post operative discomfort is less
  • Hospital stay will be just for few days after the surgery
  • Recovery from the surgery is quicker
  • The scars involved in the surgery is minimum
  • Scars or invasions to the internal organs are less
  • Less or no damage is caused to the surrounding area as well as organs

Disorders Diagnosed By Laparoscopy:

Your doctor may subject you to laparoscopy procedure for diagnosing as well as treating the disorders like,
  • Appendicitis
  • Tumors or mass in abdomen
  • Liver disease
  • Fluid filled in abdominal cavity
  • Degree in which some cancers do progress

How a laparoscopy is performed?

A laparoscopy is performed by your doctor under general anesthesia. This technique is dealt by the surgeon by invading a few number of small hole (key holes) on your abdomen, through which the camera and other instruments required to conduct the surgery in inserted. Being a minimal invasive procedure, patients get a quick recovery from the surgery and can go back to their home within 2-3 days. As it does not cause any harm to the surrounding regions (muscles and tissues), patients get back to their normal life is a fast manner.

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