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What is infertility? Why It Is?

Infertility is the condition when the reproductive system prevents the conception of children. The conception and the pregnancy depend on different factors. They are :
  • Production of healthy eggs
  • Production of healthy sperms
  • Unblocked Fallopian tube
  • The ability of the embryo to implant in the uterus
  • The ability of a sperm for fertilizing an egg
One third of the infertility problems are related to women and another one third infertility is related to men. Another one third infertility is related to unknown causes. 

Infertility reasons

Causes of male infertility

Male infertility happens when no sperm production or few sperm cell production. In some cases, infertility may happen due to genetic problems such as chromosomal abnormality.

Causes of Infertility in women

Ovulation disorders are the common reason for the female infertility. Other causes of infertility in females include blocked fallopian tubes, pelvic inflammatory diseases, uterine fibroids, cysts, age etc.


Infertility Treatments

Most of the infertility problems are treated with medicines, surgical treatment of the reproductive organs. Assisted reproductive techniques are also help for treating infertility. Some of the assisted reproductive techniques are artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogacy, intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

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